“Bloom and smile like a flower,

No matter where ever you are. “


Beyond the Times

On the roller coaster,

of the times,

Once you were me ,

Now I am you.

In the fumes and smoke,

Of burnt history,

You exist as life,

Then pose as ruins.

Still build from ashes

A peculiar form,

To rise and hope ,

Still build to cope.

From suns and moons,

Taking hint from runes,

Embracing Venusian love,

And death in guise.

You lived, you loved,

You stayed you tried,

Only to leave one day,

For a far away sight.

But lose no hope,

For land full of light,

There is love,

and a beautiful sight.💜

Rise me

Sweep me off my feet,

Yes seems impossible though.

Rise me up when I sleep,

So I can gaze absolute divine .

Hold me high so I can fly,

With fine wings of love and light.

Leave or Love the way I am,

For I won’t change to fit in the maze.

Finding meaning in chaotic ways,

Although all that is, is so simple.

A Glimpse of truth & touch of divine,

And here I leave..merge & dissolve.

Here I am one,and I am all.

Yes I am and I am all. 💜

Meaning to writhen words

Being a noceur,

That I am.

Swifting through,

Your writhen words.

Piece by piece,

Creating a fable.

An illusion, a delusion,

For what you meant.

Only to put to rest,

my heavy eyelids.

To sleep calm,

And stay put.

For tomorrow is,

Another day..another story.

A new beginning,

To awaiting glory.

Copyright 2018 Seema Sharma