Carving masterpiece

“Emotions flow..

twist and turn

When I pick up my pen

to carve your story.

Pupils shrink

and then dilate

When I weave a masterpiece

With mere words .

Heart beat swiftens

and then holds

Whenever I write

about you and me .

Mind focuses

and feelings sway

To find a centre

between heavy emotions

Then feel grounded..

Serene and calm

After painting the portrait

through my words and phrases.

Then I let go

All that is

For all that I need

I find inside me. “


Matter to light

Drowning in the marshy waters

of dark desires,

Ego emerges and sinks deeper

in the heavy weight of existence

All seems dark and dense

All matter again

Sink.. Try to rise but sink deeper

Pulling hard the strings of heart

Try listen to lullaby the soul echoes

Looking around for hand to trust

To hold to rise

to be free of dense waters

No hand but years old illusion

Still stuck in yuck of dense and dark

You peak through in hope of love

But you drown and drown away.

Deeper and deeper.

Soon after ego disappears..

Heaviness of breath

and suffocation emits.

Being light as feather

Flying in light with grace undergrace

Away from the dense and the dark

Then choose light and lightness

for you already seen

the dense.

The dark.

So be eternal light

you choose to be.

To be

what you meant to be.

All new

Nothing new but all that is,

May be its in eyes..

Or may be view is new..

Though same essence..

Same motivations..

Same actions..

But different reactions

In all sections..

Of life..

Of existence

For I see.. What couldn’t before

For I feel..all that’s pure

For I never fall..

just Like before I endure.

Back here after winter Storms

Hi there!

Yes I know..

i know it’s been forever

since I wrote here..

i missed writing

as much as

you missed reading.

Been busy

in undercurrents of life..

Some blossoms

some thorns..

A little bit of winter storm..

But finally

spring is back

with blooming flowers

and chirping birds .

And here I am too

With inspiring words

To cheer..

To share..

I am finally back hereπŸ’œπŸŒžπŸ‘‘

Life on a new Continent

A sneak peek into my life experiences as a transcendent human on a new continent.

Winding up was never easy at this stage of life, after spending prime years of my life on a different continent. Leaving behind well established career and the place we called home. But it was a calling, my destiny , next set of lessons I had to learn . To die again to reborn. So accepted what destiny brought to us for our transcendence and thus moved to this new continent in June 2018 . With wondering heart and hopeful dreams. And this new destination welcomed us like a dear old friend.

It took about a week or two to get my body clock set to new magnetic field and frequency. Ego seemed to dissolve. Identity seemed to vanish. Felt like being grown up but been born again.

we had a lot to learn, a lot to adapt, quest of feeding our body while caring for feeding our mind and soul too. Few months passed finding suitable accommodation and work to keep life going without strain. Lots of changes, lessons, new experiences but finally life became somewhat smooth and on track again. All this time had essence of life lessons i never thought i will ever learn. Connections i never thought i will ever make. Connection to the self and that universal force higher than us all, been more prominent than ever before. So on a journey to find then lose to find again forever.


copyright SeemaSharma2018

To Cease To Be

Sinking deep into the hollow,

Diving into dark and dense,

Submerging in to unknown elusion,

Drifting deep into untouched waters.

Don’t want but just keep,

Over and over..Down..away ,

Don’t drown but emerge.

Just to see through illusions,

Don’t feel afraid but curious.

To see through timeless moments.

When everything stands still,

Following endless movements.

To last forever and ever,

from one form to another.

To be.. to cease.. to be again..

To be forever free again.

Between the Pages

Life between the pages..
So bright between the edges..
Turning and twisting..
With curious mind..
Finding all the wonder ..
aquiring all the skills..
The gentle fluttering..
The kind touch…
A wild gigantic roar..
A teaching plot so lush..
Making cry this huge heart..
Or making plush lips hush..
Still wondering..
Should hold on..
Or should rush. πŸ’œ