Be you

Bits and pieces,

of thoughts ,

And imagination ,

fractions …words..

of truths untold..

Worldly lies unfold

Only to invoke the sense

To save…to protect…to raise

Higher than the magnitude

of lies and unkind ties

It doesn’t matter where you belong

What matters what you say and do

And you intend

to create in this little world

in this little eternity

We call life

Your essence of being

The ripples that you create

Make sure marked by

your kind words and deeds

what you want to create…

What you want to BE.

Let it Be

Strings of your curiousity..

when entangles with my serenity.

Doesn’t make a difference to me..

To you.. a whole lot..

You wonder…

I smile right there then..

Only to say at last..

Just let it be..Just be.


Fragrances not just make us feel delighted but aromatherapy has been used since ages for holistic healing for myriad of problems like migrain, restless sleep, nausea,Various allergies to depression and anxiety. Uses are endless, you can use essential oils for asthetic pleasure, healing, cleansing, spiritual rituals and practices. And by inducing right fragrance according to natal chart it can effectively improve quality of life by raising Vibrational frequency. Since ages its suggested as effective remedy to improve effects of planet venus in native’s life. Venus significator of love, beauty, art, luxury, pleasures of life.Also in vedic era Saints and sages introduce these into vedas, from there it ran into daily worshipping rituals as an offering to almighty.A great alternative to perfumes sometimes, just dab a drop in the nape or wrist and enjoy healing scent as you go. There is wide variety to choose when it comes to What kind you may like to try. Always choose pure kind made from 100% organic plants. Here is short discription of some of the fragrances with uses so you can set on your beautiful journey ahead. Eternal Journey call Life.

1. Lavender-Relaxation and sleep

2. Chamomile- Anti imflammation, better sleep

3. Vanilla- reduces Hyperactivity

4.Rosemary-anti imflammatory heals headaches, muscle pain

5.Bergamot-reduces stress hormone Cortisol

6.Orange & lemon – for energy, positive mood ,healing depression

7.Eucalyptus- heals sinus infections, cough and infection

List above can go endless as there are so many kinds of oils available, helping in so many ways. Its time to set your foot into right direction and to shine on.



Sometimes thoughts appear,

On the canvas of mind.

Some rule out the rules,

Break away restraints.

Cause little chaos,

And spread beyond.

Sometimes mere jargon,

Of all shoulds and should nots.

Sometimes memories

of long lost Or fear of being lost.

Then find an anchor to shores,

Tied to perceptions, beliefs and more.

It does change circumstances,

But doesn’t alter the core..for sure.


Carving masterpiece

“Emotions flow..

twist and turn

When I pick up my pen

to carve your story.

Pupils shrink

and then dilate

When I weave a masterpiece

With mere words .

Heart beat swiftens

and then holds

Whenever I write

about you and me .

Mind focuses

and feelings sway

To find a centre

between heavy emotions

Then feel grounded..

Serene and calm

After painting the portrait

through my words and phrases.

Then I let go

All that is

For all that I need

I find inside me. “